Why are shingles so expensive?
The reason why shingles are so expensive is due to the increase in petroleum prices. Another factor is that asphalt which is used in road construction and the production of shingles, is being set aside primarily for road construction. Therefore, the quota allowed for the manufacturing of shingles is less, and this is the reason for the high cost.
Are there different types of shingles?
Yes, there are two different types. Strip shingle or the 3-tab shingle is the most commonly used. They are flat in appearance and are relatively easy to work with. The Dimensional shingle has a laminated top in which an additional layer of shingle material has been added. This gives the roof a more interesting appearance. This type of shingle is known to last longer and has a better warranty.
What are the black stains that appear on my roof?
These black stains are common in regions with high humidity. They are algae that have attached themselves to the roof when there is a lot of moisture prevalent.
Will it cause damage to my roof?
Although it does not look nice, algae does not have any effect on the life of your shingles.
Some of my shingles have blown off. What causes this?
The reason why your shingles are blowing off is because the asphalt has dried out. This makes the asphalt brittle and unable to protect your roof from the elements. Another factor could be that they were installed improperly. If the roofer misaligned the shingles and did not nail them down in the proper place, then the shingles can tear and rip.
I have a leak in my bathroom. What caused this?
If you are experiencing a leak in your roof, you do not have your plumbing flashing installed properly. The fumes from our sewage system exit the home via the roof through plumbing pipes. A plumbing vent flashing boot should be at the point where the pipe comes up through the roof. The suns rays will destroy the seal surrounding this flashing, which will then allow the water to seep inside. It will run down the pipe and appear on your bathroom ceiling.
I heard of cut valleys and woven methods for shingling a roof. What are these methods?
Many contractors install strip shingles via the woven valley method. The shingles are interlaced as you go up the roof. When Architectural shingles are used, the cut valley method is used. This gives them a cleaner appearance and does not allow water to go under the shingles.
I just had my roof shingled. How long will they last?
Many roofing shingles carry their own warranty. An example is that if the manufacturer quotes a 25-year warranty, you can expect them to last 20 years. This, of course, is dependent on the severity of the weather system in the region. Extreme temperature changes can cause stress to a roof system. Over time, this can cause the shingles to wear out sooner than expected. In areas where there is extreme fluctuations in temperatures, an architectural roof shingle is often more efficient. It will last longer and therefore be more cost-effective.
Is ventilation important?
Ventilation is important when it comes to a roof system. Your heating and cooling costs will be reduced with proper ventilation. Ice dams, mold, moisture, and heat can be removed via the ventilation system in your roof. Ridge vents and soffit is part of the exhaust and intake in a roofing system. The properly installed ventilation system will help to prolong the lifespan of your roof.
Where is the drip edge?
The drip edge is the metal flashing that sits at the edge of your roof. It prevents the rain from getting under the shingles. If you do not have metal flashing, water sticks to the shingle and then goes underneath to the plywood. This action will lead to roof rot and be an expensive repair job.
Are all contractors insured?
Not all contactors are legally insured. They might have been at one time but let their certificate lapse. Therefore, check to see which insurance company provides them with coverage. When looking at the certificate, make sure that it is up to date and includes the contractors name.

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