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When it comes to window installation, Dobson Contractors can install windows that not only enhance the look of your home but add property value to it as well. Having newer windows installed might seem like a huge investment, however, you will save money on the cost of heating and cooling your home over time.

Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

As a homeowner, you might not know the signs of whether or not you need your windows replaced. If you notice pest damage, mildew, or rotten casements (this is the area around the window), then it is time to get your windows replaced.

Pest Damage and Rotten Casements

Pest damage, such as chewed wood or insect infestations, is a clear indication that your windows are compromised. Rotten casements around your windows not only affect your home’s aesthetics but also compromise its structural integrity. Replacing your windows will address these issues.

Leaks and Broken Glass

Another sign of a window installation needed is leaks through your window or broken glass. You will also need to replace windows if you have broken hardware and the windows will not open or close properly.

Window Rattling in High Winds

If you sometimes experience high winds where you reside, you may experience the sound of your window rattling in the wind. This is a sign that the seal is broken. Therefore, window installation is your best option. Other noticeable signs are chipped, cracked, or broken glass.

Energy Efficiency

Old, outdated windows are one of the major sources of energy loss. Energy costs are rising. Why spend more on heating your home? Newer windows are made to comply with government energy standards. An older, poor-fitting window only causes the heat from your home to go outside.

Benefits of New Windows

Not only do newer windows lower your heating costs, they also improve the look of your home. Trust our professionals in window installations at Dobson Contractors to recommend a window that will improve the look of your home and keep you warm and toasty.

Wide Range of Styles

Dobson Contractors offer a variety of window styles to choose from, including:

  • Casement windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Double hung windows
  • Single hung windows
  • And many more

Having proper window installation in your home will also permit you to open the windows during the warmer weather without mishap. New windows will mean that you can open the windows to let the fresh air in without fear of insects getting inside. Windows also permit natural light to flow into your home. Having newer windows will add value to your property.


In conclusion, replacing your old windows with Dobson Contractors’ new, energy-efficient windows is not just an investment in your home’s aesthetics but also a practical choice to reduce energy costs. From improved energy efficiency to a wide range of window installation styles, the benefits of new windows are numerous. Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to a more comfortable, beautiful home.


1. How do I know if my windows need to be replaced?

If you notice signs like pest damage, leaks, or rattling windows, it’s time to consider a window installation.

2. Can new windows really save me money on heating and cooling?

Yes, energy-efficient windows can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs over time.

3. What window installation styles are available at Dobson Contractors?

Dobson Contractors offer a variety of styles, including casement, bay, bow, double hung, and single hung windows.

4. Are new windows worth the investment?

Yes, not only do they save you money on energy costs, but they also enhance the look of your home and add property value.

5. Can I open my new windows during warm weather without worrying about insects?

Yes, new windows are designed to keep insects out while allowing fresh air and natural light in.

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