Parts of a Roof

Here is where you will find information about parts of a roof. Use it as reference, so you will know the distinction.

Ridge – This is the top of the roof that is formed by two sloping roof planes meeting.

Dormer – This is a vertical window that is projecting from the slope of a pitched roof, in which is also set into.

Soffit – This is located underneath the eave of a roof. It is the underside area.

Ridge Vent -This is the air exhaust which is located on the ridge of a sloped roof.

Soffit Vent – These provide air intake and are located just below the eaves.

Eave – This is the lower edge of a sloped roof that lies horizontal.

Valley – This is formed when two sloping roof planes meet and make an internal angle.

Counter Flashing – This can be attached to masonry walls and often has reglets attached. The masonry joints are where the reglets are attached. Counter flashing prevents water from getting in behind step flashing. It is flashing metal that is attached to a vertical surface.

Gable/Rake Edge – This is the outside edge of a sloped roof plane. It is also inclined.

Pipe Collar – This is used to seal the roof around a roof penetration such as a breather pipe. A metal flange is placed over a vent pipe.

Cricket – This is found on the back of a chimney and is used to deflect water away from the chimney. It is made with a peaked saddle construction.

Step Flashing – This is installed where a roof plane meets a vertical surface. It is a base flashing application.

What is Ventilation?

A roof must have proper ventilation in order to create a flow of air in the roof of a home. It is a combination of both exhaust and intake vents. Most roofing systems have both soffit vents and ridge vents. Homes that have these two types of vents experience a drier atmosphere when the temperature is cooler and cooler air when it is hot and humid. Energy costs of cooling a home is decreased during the summer when warm air is pulled out of the home through the exhaust system.

The exhaust vent works to pull the moist air in during the winter months. This prevents condensation from forming in the attic. This helps to prevent mold and mildew from forming. When the ventilation system of a roof is not put in place home owners will face low energy efficiency, increased moisture, and also increased wear on the roof system. Over time, expensive roof replacement will be needed.

In some cases, alternative ventilation methods must be used. Wall vents, custom made vented drip edge metal, static vents, or even power ventilators may be used. This is usually the case when there is a lack of space for an adequate ridge area or a lack of soffit area as well.

Roof Maintenance and Repair

At Dobson Contractors, we offer full service roofing repairs and roof maintenance to both commercial and residential properties. We carry a wide range of roofing materials to service our customers.

Our Services Include

We repair and maintain built up roofing, asphalt roof systems, asphalt shingles, TPO, slate roofs, metal roofing, rubber roofs, tile roofing, built-up roofing, and slate roofs.

Dobson Contractors do gutter and downspout cleaning, as well as roof inspections. We also offer a roof protection plan which includes annual gutter cleaning, fixing lifted shingles, cracked flashing boots, and even nail pops. Our contractors will also provide you with a detailed report about any major roof repair that may be needed. Property owners know that they can save money on costly repairs when they choose our annual protection plan. Knowing how to prolong the life of your roof before extensive damage occurs will definitely save you money.

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